Project Description

Restauro e ristrutturazione della Chiesa di Santa Corona a Vicenza

Santa Corona Church is part of a convent built in 1260 to house the relic of the Holy Thorn. Vulnerable to infiltration from the roof, rising damp at the base, cracks in the arched vaults, the intervention focused on restoring all features and surfaces of interior and exterior decoration, upgrading the adjoining spaces, adapting utilities, and improve the building’s structural safety.

Operations were not limited to the interior and exterior surfaces alone, and extended to concealed and inaccessible areas, such as the bell tower spire, the roof, and the hidden under-roof areas of the apse, the main nave, and the arches.

Location: Vicenza
Building function: Place of worship – restructuring and restoration
Client: City of Vicenza


Contract value: 5.2 million euros
Completion: 2013
Highlights: use of vibration dampeners to isolate the bell tower from the surrounding structure