Project Description

Renovating buildings nos. 108 and No. 109 on Tese della Novissima row involved constructing two-story steel and glass structures to house the central and executive offices of the MOSE mobile levee system. Given the symbolic significance of the buildings and the coordination duties assigned, works were conducted under the supervision of Art Director Prof. Arch. Alberto Cecchetto.

The existing structures’ cast-iron columns and reinforced concrete beams have been preserved and supported by a new metal framework.

Location: Arsenale Venezia
Building Function: Office building – Restoration
Client: Consorzio Venezia Nuova
Contract value: 6,7 milioni
Completion: 2015
Highlights: 1,650 sq m walkable surface area; both below and above ground, the existing and newly built structures are completely separated by a gap of about 15cm to avoid the phenomenon of pounding in case of earthquake