Vittadello Spa to complete Pietrarossa Dam in Sicily

Vittadello S.p.A, a renowned leader in infrastructure and construction based in Limena, Padova, has been given the honor of completing one of Italy’s largest public hydraulic engineering projects.

The acceptance of the bid in the call issued by Invitalia on behalf of the Region of Sicily for the work required on the impressive Pietrarossa Dam in the municipalities of Aidone and Mineo on the border of Catania and Enna Provinces has just been made official.

The winning joint venture also includes Intercantieri, another Vittadello Group company, which will be required to apply all its specific know-how in completing the structure on the large reservoir begun by others long ago in 1989 and interrupted in 1997.

After decades in which large-scale hydraulic works were banned from proceeding, the Padova company will play a key role in optimizing and saving water resources, protecting the territory against the further effects of climate change, and together with others, contributing to the development of local agriculture and industry.

The dam was part of a project for the irrigation of a vast area on the Catania Plain, in which barely 6,000 of 17,000 hectares are currently irrigated. When completed, the Pietrarossa Dam will raise the volume of water stored in Sicilian reservoirs by around 45 million cubic meters. In addition to completing the unfinished works, the dam’s body will undergo seismic adaption, and the technical and construction aspects of the already-completed accessory works will be reviewed for all the adjustments required for greater durability and the safety of the operators.