Monte Romano Est-Tarquinia section roadwork awarded by Anas S.p.A.

Vittadello S.p.A. has been appointed leading contractor by ANAS S.p.A. for a number of its major roadworks. FS Italian Railways Group recently awarded a highly-strategic contract in terms of infrastructure and location in the heart of the Italian highway network to a temporary grouping of companies that includes Vittadello S.p.A.

The contract stipulates the executive design and construction of works for the Monte Romano Est-Tarquinia section of the “Infrastructure linking the Civitavecchia Port and Orte intermodal node.” for a total value of over 250 million euros. This strategic development of the Mestre-Orte-Civitavecchia highway through Lazio, Umbria, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Veneto demands the construction of 5 kilometers of road, much of which in tunnels.