Project Description

Renovation and reconstruction of the real estate complex in the historic center of C.Franco between Via Bastia Vecchia, Via Cappuccini and Via Ospedale.

The renovation and reconstruction of the building complex in the historic center of Castelfranco Veneto in Bastia Vecchia between Via Cappuccini and Via Ospedale aimed at enhancing buildings in a complete state of abandonment with serious problems of structure and hygiene. Consisting of buildings with a courtyard typology and an “L-shaped” body dissecting a central open area, the courtyard was recovered for public use and access beneath porticoed paths to Piazza Giorgione Square, a strategic place in the walled city’s
urban fabric.

Location: Castelfranco Veneto (TV), Bastia Vecchia -Via Cappuccini
Building function: residential and commercial building – restructuring
Client: FINIM S.r.l
Contract value: 8,3 million euros
Completion: 2015
Highlights: 4,000 sq m footprint